• Alexander RadsbyAlexander Radsby, over 7 years ago

    I'm one of the jury members on awwwards and I totally agree with you. There's a lot of sites with excellent concepts that don't get featured and personally I'd like to see planning/budgets/briefs for each project, but that would be to ask to much of the jury to look through so all we have in the end is the end result. Superficial perhaps.

    There are 4 things that we look at for each entry: — Design — Usability — Creativity — Content

    It's not often sites gets an average of at least 8 of 10 in all of these areas. One thing that's missing for each vote is at least a short motivation on why we voted as we did. This might help to clear the votes up a bit more.

    But like the others said, it's an awards site for web design & web development. It's definitely going to be as flashy as possible featuring new technologies and loads of animation (it's a fine line between perfect or obnoxious).

    I personally down vote all sites that don't have a visible scrollbar (wacom user). I mean how can the site win if it's impossible to navigate, at least add multiple navigation options if you're removing the main way of navigation.

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    • Todd Padwick, over 7 years ago

      Seeing briefs, and budgets would be great! in fact, having different categories defined by budgets would be really good too. Usability is one area that often seems to be voted much higher than i'd expect. yes, I would like to see more statements from the jury. that would also be a good addition. You make a good point about simply showcasing the latest technology. In this case it does this very well and I must admit it does often push me to experiment. I am a wacom user also, and this is something that really pisses me off. Thanks for your response Alexander. it was good to hear from someone who has a bit more inside knowledge.

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