Ask DN: How do you mock up work with fonts you don't own?

over 7 years ago from Nathan Jackson, Digital Designer at FEED

  • Geoff Yost, over 7 years ago

    I think all designers have done this at some point or another, and it definitely works. I'm guilty, too. But it's bad practice. Thanks for your disclaimer.

    To add: There are so many talented type designers that deserve payment for their work. I understand the allure, and the ease, but as a community, we should never advocate this practice and should do our best to squelch its use. It delegitimizes the work of these designers, even if our intentions are good, to buy it later, and only use it in a mockup.

    There are too many whose actions may quickly become habits that slide beyond the measure of good intent. We don't want our clients playing fast and loose with our intellectual property and creative output; we shouldn't be doing the same with our fellow designers, either.

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