AMA: Adobe Experience Design Team (formerly Project Comet)

7 years ago from Demian Borba, Product Manager for Adobe XD

  • Glauco Cardoso, 7 years ago

    Hi Demian! How are you guys defining scope and priorities for your backlog?

    Great product preview by the way: simple, clean, fast and reliable! Looking forward for whats coming next!

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    • Demian Borba, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      Hi Glauco,

      It's a mix of different efforts:

      • Product Team highly influenced by your requests, quality research from customer meetings, observation and experimenting

      • Product Team thinking the roadmap and prioritizing features based on what we consider the best customer value

      • Engineering and Design teams creating prototypes to validate potential solutions

      • Analytics to measure what we call "User Success" defined by internal metrics

      • A lot of thinking (Product, Engineering and Design) and collaboration

      Hope it answers your questions.

      Feel free to send your feature requests to UserVoice.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.

      Demian Borba | Product Manager, Adobe XD | @demianborba

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