The Elephant In The Room: Work has dried up.(

over 7 years ago from Ollie Barker, UI+UX Designer at Moltin

  • Andrew ZimmermanAndrew Zimmerman, over 7 years ago

    I agree with one of the commenters on the OP's site. Web design and development has become a commodity for the most part.

    If you want work, you need to move to where the industry is going and appears to me to be a holistic product/service approach to design. Freelancers will struggle with that as they are very unlikely to understand all the customer touch points throughout the employer's organization. That's one of the advantages to moving design and development in-house.

    If you want work, get a job in a Fortune 500 company. I guarantee that you will need to build relationships, change processes, work with other teams that have complementary skill sets etc. Yes, you'll get frustrated at the slow pace of change, but that's what makes it work and not play.

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