Macaw is joining InVision(

7 years ago from Henry Moran, Product Designer @ Badger Studios

  • Some DesignerSome Designer, 7 years ago

    TBH I don't own macaw, just trying to make a non hostile argument here man. Please do not try to "judge" me with false accusations. Also seems like you're the one who's on the edge.

    If they didn't get my money at the first place they wouldn't able to release "shit" (trying to use your terms). In a way, every backer is a shareholder since they're credited in credits. And kickstarter is not just"preorder" :D Don't be funny man. You're literally funding the project. That's called micro-investment. Also think about like this, you buy something from market and it happens to be gone bad even the expiration date is not over. What would you do? Sit down and eat the rotten food?

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