Macaw is joining InVision(

7 years ago from Henry Moran, Product Designer @ Badger Studios

  • Andrew SmithAndrew Smith, 7 years ago

    To put it bluntly, Macaw was shit. They knew it was too after a while, hence the development of Scarlett Macaw – the concept was great, but pulling it off left you with a website that wasn't close to being production ready – even if the app itself was for designers to be able to get their designs into a living format, it was no better off than Dreamweaver.

    Being bought by InVision means they've now got a team of more than 3 and they've got a wealth of experience to offer – With Invisions latest 'import your PSD' feature, I wouldn't be surprised if the macaw team get assigned to that area and have designs auto-built by invision from imported sketch / psd files

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    • Daniel SieradskiDaniel Sieradski, 7 years ago

      Macaw was buggy but it wasn't shit. And yes, it didn't give you production-ready code, but it gave you code close enough to production that it took only a half-hour to get it ready once it was output.

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      • Luca Candela, 7 years ago

        Building anything with it was an exercise in frustration, and it never supported flexbox which is criminal. Bugginess aside, it was a bad product.

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