Flinto 1.3 With Re-Importing from Sketch(blog.flinto.com)

almost 8 years ago from Nathan Manousos, Designer of Flinto

  • Erik CollinderErik Collinder, almost 8 years ago

    Fabulous stuff! Any chance of documentation of exactly how the how the plug-in actually works out what to replace, add or remove? Most of the time it seems to just work but sometimes I get some unexpected duplicates.

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    • Nathan ManousosNathan Manousos, almost 8 years ago

      Nothing written out, but that's a good idea. If you do run into a weird case, we'd love to hear about it. If you can send a test case Sketch file or screen recording to hello@flinto.com, we'll try and improve it, or at least explain it :)

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      • Erik CollinderErik Collinder, almost 8 years ago

        Thanks for the instant reply. I'll try and outline what I'm experiencing here in case anyone else has any ideas.

        I have a bunch of sketch files, with a bunch of Artboards each, that I import into one large Flinto prototype. That works miraculously well most of the time. Occasionally layers or links can get confused but it happens so seldom that it's never frustrating. Understanding the logic behind the re-import of layers is probably more work than fixing the odd unintentional duplicate or deletion.

        The problem is when Sketch Artboards and Flinto Screens fall out of sync.

        Issue: Screen duplication on Import

        Intention: I'm trying to have my sketch file's Artboard replace its equivalent Flinto screen, effectively "syncing" the two. Important as this will retain the other screens links to the screen I'm replacing.

        I do: I open a sketch file and check that the names of the Sketch Artboard and Flinto Screen is the same* and send it over to Flinto**. Sometimes it's been a while since I last opened the sketch file. Someone else could have worked in it.

        Result: Most of the time this works as expected, I just don't know exactly why. But sometimes my Sketch Artboard does not replace the equivalent Flinto Screen but makes a new Flinto screen. The old Flinto screen inevitably shares the same name as it's new sibling but with a "1-" prepended to it.


        *The name can't be the underlying mechanic as I can update the name of Flinto by updating the name of the Sketch Artboard.

        **I pretty much only use the export with "Export only selected Artboards". Would be neat to save the last used options or keep it pre-selected when an Artboard is selected. Accidentally sending 14 Artboards instead of the one I'm working is a very uncomfortable experience.

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