I designed a speedbump.(medium.com)

almost 8 years ago from Josh Lee, Designer

  • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, almost 8 years ago

    What's interesting about this is what the driver is thinking, a huge assumption but I have a feeling this is less 'I should slow down because I am driving dangerously' and more 'I should slow down because this pile of leaves could break my car'

    There's a really interesting section in the Jon Ronson book 'So you've been publically shamed' that covers the effectiveness of the 'YOUR SPEED [ ]' signs and how the psychology of it works.

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    • Josh LeeJosh Lee, almost 8 years ago

      Yeah, thinking about it as if I was in the car I would totally slow down. What's funny is most people actually waved and smiled at me, while some just were zoned into looking straight ahead and blew right by. Not too many if any got irritated or whatnot.

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