• Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    I can emphasize with it, which is why I also think it is needed to know the basics of how the server works. Knowing css/html/js is enough in theory, but in practice is almost never is.

    Even the back-end stuff is totally learnable and not as hard as it may seem at first. But so many designers in our imposter-syndrome poisoned community tell newcomers that all they need to know is html & css and they are good to go, because everything else is managed by tools - and I think that's a dangerous attitude.

    I think it's important, to not lie to new members of the web community, and pretend like all they need is to know html & css, and a little bit of javascript. It is enough for a start, but you'll have to keep going. But this could grow into a debate that shouldn't be held here.

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