Why Hipster Attitudes Can Ruin Interaction Design: A Guide to Designing with Empathy.(designmodo.com)

8 years ago from Nathan Yates, Product Designer / Co-Founder at Metropoly.co & NerveApp.com

  • Wil NicholsWil Nichols, 8 years ago

    I tend to think it's a label applied to young people outside of a traditionally-appropriate aesthetic — which by positive self-differentiation becomes incredibly profitable

    If "edgy" has enough volume to constitute profit, then can that volume be considered beyond the general social consensus?

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    • Nathan YatesNathan Yates, 8 years ago

      You make some really great points, Will.

      I'd say that "edge" we talk about is probably always shifting as trends change so it's hard to determine those societal norms we spoke about earlier.

      There's definitely a debate to be had on pop culture here, haha :)

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