Why Hipster Attitudes Can Ruin Interaction Design: A Guide to Designing with Empathy.(designmodo.com)

8 years ago from Nathan Yates, Product Designer / Co-Founder at Metropoly.co & NerveApp.com

  • Nathan YatesNathan Yates, 8 years ago

    Everything is a shade of grey, I suppose. I'm probably a hipster too :)

    I just think it's important to be self-aware that our niche tastes and opinions aren't always backed up with fact so, as designers, it's helpful to think of new models when designing experiences.

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    • Dan SherrattDan Sherratt, 8 years ago

      And I'm not criticising the content of your article at all, you make excellent points and it's very well written.

      Semantics I guess.

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