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8 years ago from Micah Sivitz, Product Designer at Dropbox

  • Ryan McLaughlinRyan McLaughlin, 8 years ago

    Poof! All the brand recognition instantly gone. Can't say much about the interface since I have never used it, but IMO the brand is a big step backwards. Sure, the "old" logo was based on a free typeface and could definitely have used an update and polish, but to throw out the mark and color, to me, is also the proverbial baby with the bathwater.

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    • Micah SivitzMicah Sivitz, 8 years ago

      I can see how one might see it that way. If you're curious, here's a good post about the reasons we chose to rebrand:

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      • Ryan McLaughlinRyan McLaughlin, 8 years ago

        Thanks for the reply! I understand the concept of wanting to course-correct the brand direction as you grow, but I still feel this new mark is a bit unfinished. It's like the old logo was stripped all the way down to its roots to be built back up... but left there.

        IMO, personality is a very important aspect to the brand of a disruptive startup... Uber's feels classy and sophisticated compared to a taxi. Lyft is the fun, outgoing, more casual alternative. Airbnb is the hip, young, techie alternative to hotel lodging that traditionally caters to families and business travelers.

        Disrupting (I hate that word...) the shipping industry is ripe for the picking. All alternatives are global conglomerates with stale branding. Going for the heart with a fun, light, brand that evokes how much more pleasant and easy the Shyp process is a no-brainer, and I personally think the old one wasn't that far off.

        I'm interested to read/hear more feedback from the community on this rebrand.

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