Do daily UI challenges help you become a better designer?

over 7 years ago from Volkan Günal, Design Lead at Polywork. Previously at SoundCloud.

  • Sergey Jech, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    Yes, they do!

    I'm on my 4th day of the challenge.

    Here are my personal pros & cons so far:


    Time constraint

    You only get 1 day to complete a task, which totals in several hours, if you work full-time. I believe I will be able to tackle real life cases more effectively in future + better time-management skill.


    I design in Sketch and want to master this tool. Variety of tasks allows me to try different techniques.

    Creativity & abstract problems

    For me, the challenge is a balance between creativity & problem-solving. Since I'm not solving any real problems, I might just train my creativity skill. For example, today I received a task to design a Calculator and I thought why not make it a speech-based. I set my own constraints which allows me to be a client for myself (very challenging!)

    Review of own work

    I review my work the next day. Fresh mind gives me the ability to see what could have been improved/done better. I think that's a big plus to experience.


    Sometimes you might be lucky to receive constructive feedback (if it's not Dribbble)((just kidding)). Good for beginners who have problems with visual design basics.


    Pretty much agree with everything what Volkan pointed out.

    I would put it this way.

    Pixel pushing

    I will be happy if some of my designs get implemented in future, for now they are just pictures.

    P.S. you can follow my struggles at: or

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