Do daily UI challenges help you become a better designer?

over 7 years ago from Volkan Günal, Design Lead at Polywork. Previously at SoundCloud.

  • Thomas Michael SemmlerThomas Michael Semmler, over 7 years ago

    While I think that practice is always good, I cannot ignore the fact that so many people use it for promotion only. Being a designer nowadays means that you have to be able to create and maintain a following, but shouldn't the design-challenge be about design first, and promotion second?

    Especially with dribbble; Only few people use it to get feedback, most people use it to promote themselves. I saw a guy once, post a picture of himself on dribbble, announcing that he had gotten a new job at a company. No design, just a selfie.

    Those Daily {{term}} Challenges do kind of represent that culture for me. No hate, just my personal view.

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    • Riho KrollRiho Kroll, over 7 years ago

      I guess the promotion point makes more sense if you're a freelancer, but personally, I haven't been held back by not having a huge online presence. The portfolio you send out, if it's good, speaks more than anything on your Dribbble account. If you're applying at a company that's serious about design that is (which are the ones you probably want to apply to anyway).

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