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over 7 years ago from Vlad Danilov, Founder at Optimage

  • Hanu ManHanu Man, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )
    1. Design without layers: In the web the elements are positioned like layers? Obviously no! But why we insist with the layered system? All elements in web are boxes/containers and would be great that we could design with this approach. At first glance Comet doesn't have a layer system and its "Repeat Grid" is insane, a very great solution, even so, all the design elements are totally "floating".

    2. Honest Tools: It is ilogical that if I design for web, all my stuff are encapsulated in a propietaries formats like .psd .ai .sketch. Maybe Comet not must generate code, but maybe whether could use the same (code) rules with which all websites are coded. Nowadays CSS is pretty powerful, so ... is really necessary that all tools add an extra level of abstraction? We need tools that allow us "design" with CSS, that's all!

    3. Complete Workflow: Is great that Comet offer us an additional "space" to liven up our designs. I totally agree with have a space for design and other to add interaction but ... what about the initial stage or the first iterations of our designs? Could be useful a space with fast and simple tools, that allow us generate and explore a bunch of sketches, focusing on the content instead of the visual aspect. Check out to the WriterPro's workflow

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