• Mike JoyceMike Joyce, almost 8 years ago

    Thanks Josiah. It's funny how once you changed the lighting angles, I actually could visually discern the "M" more clearly. Great post!

    As for the small echoing of hate in some design circles...I completely understand it & honestly expected it. I'd say over on Medium, the overall response has been about 85% positive. But, it's in our nature as designers to be defensive about our craft.

    We hold our design process so tightly in this overly sacred place, that we're almost hostile to the idea that any benefit could come from unsolicited design critiques. But, what we as designers are not getting is that these redesigns are done, not in the role of a professional designer (& all the expected nuances that come along with it), but, rather from the vantage point of the user.

    The user may not have all of the "facts" & knowledge of "constraints"...but, when you redesign as a user, for the user, from your own user perspective - you shed light on areas of need, purpose & pain within the product. We as designers should cherish & embrace that feedback. If certain unsolicited redesign critiques aren't "real world possible" due to behind the scenes constraints - then so be it, but, it doesn't hurt anything other than perhaps feelings to have these redesigns go on.

    P.S. - I might be writing a Medium article on this very topic soon. :)

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