Adobe Project Comet(

over 7 years ago from Vlad Danilov, Founder at Optimage

  • Cristian MoiseiCristian Moisei, over 7 years ago

    One question they haven't answered is what file format will Comet use? If it's a new proprietary format, and the app is indeed OSX only, this could create a whole range or problems.

    For Sketch, this was such a problem that it ended up creating an entire market for apps like Zeplin or Avocode.

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    • Tom KrchaTom Krcha, over 7 years ago

      We’ll have more to say about the file format later, but our intent is to create a file format that is easy to inspect, so tools outside of Comet can pull information out of it easily. Stay tuned.

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      • Bent StamnesBent Stamnes, over 7 years ago

        Since I work with tools that do code generation and project structuring based on designs (and interactions/logic) from other apps, I'd more than a little interested in knowing more about this.

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