Remote Design Sprints?

over 7 years ago from Keaton Taylor, Product Designer at Treehouse

  • Wes O'HaireWes O'Haire, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    This is what I've tried at Hudl. It's a condensed(1 day) version, but it can easily be extracted over the course of a week.

    Problem Definition: 30 minutes via Discuss the history of the product + any and all user research done. This gets everyone on the same page.

    Group Sketching: 30 minutes via , 5 people max. We do this via video as well(paper+iPevo cam or iPad+Paper app). This gets the ideas going and allows everyone to get solutions on the table.

    Split-up: A few hours on our own. We then go back to 'heads down' mode for a portion of the day. This is when we all do a second iteration on our earlier sketch or come up w/ something new.

    Group presentation: 15 minutes, We reconvene and present and critique our second iteration

    Dogfooding: This is the end of the day. We start testing internally w/ people in our HQ office. We utilize so that we can all see the recording.

    Don't want to get too 'pitchy' but you can see some BTS video of the process here:

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