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almost 8 years ago from Viral Jogani, Web Developer + Designer, Student @ Rutgers,

  • J VJ V, almost 8 years ago (edited almost 8 years ago )

    Hi Viral, some things I was noticing on your designs -Material Design don't recommend mixing icons and labels on tabs:

    -I find the subscribers tab a little bit out of place in the navigation hierarchy. Is basically a list of followers that, in most cases, will have very little activity (unless you're already a youtube star). A whole tab section seems a little bit disproportionate to me and might even have some negative impact on the perception of the product (feeling it's a ghost town :( ).

    -The text field doesn't seems like a super actionable item to start recording, and creates some unnecessary friction between the action the user wants to do (stream) and the action you're asking her to perform (come with a title first). I'm curious why you didn't use a FAB for recording, which seems like the most go-to action in this app. Also, the logo is placed in a weird position that seems actionable (and maybe it is, in which case I think it's better to use a more familiar iconography to avoid confusion). I don't think you need it.

    -The private/public dropdown list seems more convenient as a toggle to me.

    -I'm also curious of the functionality of typing comments while you're broadcasting. I think voice would be a much more convenient method of communicating with my audience than text.

    -Don't see a clear option to stop broadcasting

    Hope you don't mind :) Best.

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