Ask DN: How did you get your job?

over 7 years ago from Jeff Everest, Freelance Mobile Designer

  • Angel Seong, over 7 years ago (edited over 7 years ago )

    age 2 through second year of college: drew a LOT, all traditional/fine art stuff, not much design work at all. fiddled around with photoshop, again just painting stuff

    third year of college: learned about UI/UX through a poster, slapped together a portfolio during the break, "hired" as a "UI/UX designer" at a "lab" funded by school

    1st official internship: applied to ~50 jobs > 7 first round interviews > 3 second round interviews > accepted first offer, learning a lot and having a good time at my job currently

    about to graduate upcoming school year and scared & excited about all the prospects facing me!!

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