• Mathias BiilmannMathias Biilmann, 8 years ago

    Check out our directory as well: https://www.staticgen.com

    It has more details on each of them and lets you sort them by stars, forks and issues.

    I gave a talk about moving from a dynamic to a static approach at the latest Static Web-Tech meetup, and there's a (low quality, sorry) video of the talk here:


    Jekyll, Middleman, Roots and Hugo stands out a bit, in my mind.

    Jekyll because it's so widespread and made super popular by the GitHub Pages integration. Traditionally very blogging focused, but lately it's become better at more general sites.

    Middleman and Roots because they're built by top agencies that use them for serious projects (Instrument and Carrot).

    Hugo because it's so damn fast. I've been checking out the build times on our clients at Netlify that use Hugo, and they're super impressive. Main drawback with Hugo is the lack of a plugin engine...

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