Ask DN: How did you get your job?

over 7 years ago from Jeff Everest, Freelance Mobile Designer

  • Spencer HoltawaySpencer Holtaway, over 7 years ago

    I quit my old one without much idea of what I was going to do next except "freelance". The job I quit was Lead Designer for Words With Friends at Zynga.

    I knew I didn't want to work in games again so that cut down a lot of the linkedin inbox. I would do pretty much anything for shorter-term freelance, but when considering full time I only talked to a companies that fit either of two focuses:

    • they make something I use and want to keep using (so I can add value to it and make myself a happy customer), or
    • they make something that I can see people genuinely finding useful and describing as something they can't live without.

    I talked to (I'm an avid hobbyist photographer) but unfortunately my visual design focus wasn't quite where they wanted it at the time. I talked to some education startups because they're generally, by definition, doing something that deserves to exist, but unfortunately they didn't work out following some pretty odd interview smoke and mirrors.

    Eventually I got referred to Shuddle by someone who did and still works here. I worked with her briefly on Words With Friends 2 or more years prior (when I was much more junior) so it gave me confidence that her memory of my work then was enough to bring me in here now.

    My now-creative/UX director and I hit it off pretty quickly and I think it would be fair to say we see eye-to-eye on our goals but have differing approaches that compliment each other on a day to day basis (she has much stronger creative vision and more varied and in-depth experience, while I have small agency and more recently the corporate background with all the documentation skills that come with it).

    The rest of the interview process was pretty easy, in that it all came naturally: I think after months of freelance and less desperate full time interviewing I had more confidence in what I wanted and what I could and would do. That was really the key: knowing myself and not being desperate.

    Got an offer the day after interviews. Took it the day after. Bam.

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