Ask DN: How did you get your job?

over 7 years ago from Jeff Everest, Freelance Mobile Designer

  • Theresa MershonTheresa Mershon, over 7 years ago

    Job 1 "Web Designer" -- referred by a friend

    Job 2 "Interactive Designer" -- referred by same friend

    [break for 4 years of freelancing, almost all gigs referred by friends, former coworkers, or former clients; 1 gig was from Craig's List ]

    Job 3 "Interactive Art Director" -- Applied to about 5 jobs, interviewed 4 times, turned down 2 positions, was turned down by 2 positions (Damn you Frog Design), accepted 1.

    Jobs 4-6 -- promoted within my company: Design Director > Creative Director > Director, Design & UX

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