Ask DN: How did you get your job?

over 7 years ago from Jeff Everest, Freelance Mobile Designer

  • Laura McGuiganLaura McGuigan, over 7 years ago

    For me, an online portfolio wasn't that important. I haven't had one actively for... 5 years? In the early days, it worked out to have one, but as my career advanced, it didn't matter as much as the people I was connected with. And even then, sometimes it was just fate.

    1st job — Graphic Designer at a small print shop back home, left after 6 months to go to college

    2nd job — intern for a competitive intelligence company doing a lot of Flash work - 6 months

    3rd job — Design Intern at AOL, teacher in college suggested I do it because she thought I was one of the better students in class (we had a lot of people who just didn't try/care at my college) - that lasted about a year and a half, with a 3 month break in between

    4th job — Graphic + Web Designer for a consulting firm — the internship didn't have availability for fulltime work post college, so I had to take what I could find at the time, with little connection - 8 months

    5th job — Designer at AOL — they found my resume in their internal recruiting office and there was an opening in another department, worked with UX architects, business and my creative director on Shopping related websites - 1 year, laid off whole department

    (portfolio goes inactive)

    6th job — Contract work for RCN — had a hard time finding work out in suburbia Virginia, worked as only Web Designer reporting to Head of Marketing for It was brutal. - 8 months.

    7th job — Interactive Designer, small agency — former AOL boss reached out to me about a position at a 40 person agency in Alexandria, VA. Started as a UX Associate to get in the door, was promoted to Interactive Designer after 4 months. First time really working with UX in mind, very intriguing game changer for me - 11 months.

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    8th job — Senior Designer, smaller agency — nclud was a resource my previous job used from time to time; they reached out, their work was more interesting and gave me the flexibility to own it (hate working for large companies) - 1 year, 5 months

    9th job — Lead Designer turned VP, Design for start up — nclud was bought out by Twitter, rest of it sold to another agency. Lost autonomy, among other issues. Did a hackathon with a Javascript dev friend, met my current boss/CEO of TrackMaven. Was 4th employee. Did all UX, UI, branding, identity for the first 1.5 years. Began hiring team. Now manage a team of 5 (1 front end dev, 3 comms designers, 1 prod designer). Company now grown to ~80, deal with design strategy across Marketing and Product. - just over 2.5 years so far.

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