• Jason YehJason Yeh, 7 years ago

    Has anyone used this? My head keeps ringing like this startup bubble is gonna burst right after this 8.5 million gets transferred.

    Why do they need funding for a recruitment shop?

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    • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

      Hey Jason,

      Obviously I'm biased, but if you read up on Crew you'll see that we're tackling some huge problems, in a huge industry, with a lot of success.

      Since Crew was founded two years ago, more than $18 million of contracts have been posted on the platform, half of which has come in the last six months. Some freelancers on Crew have made more than $140,000 in the last year solely from work done on Crew.

      For an idea of how large the industry is, you can see our old investor deck from a few years ago (we were previously called ooomf): https://crew.co/investors/

      You can also read up on our two year anniversary report, which has a lot more information about where we're at now and why we're raising money: http://backstage.crew.co/crew-turns-2/

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      • Jason YehJason Yeh, 7 years ago

        This is an insightful answer, the two links provided way more information than the topic link.

        I did not grasp (perhaps still not completely) of what it means to make life easier for design freelancers. I see that if this problem is to be tackled by Crew head on, against the worst of the recruitment industry and not become one of them; it’d be a great thing indeed.

        The size of the industry and solving demand is a good and convenient problem to have. Tools and resources for freelancers is another. The constant fear of both clients and freelancers being abused by one another is a problem as well.

        Is it Crew’s goal to solve all of the above?

        It’s a unique position to take. I’d love to read more writing and communication that defines your approach and plans.

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