• Brian DelaneyBrian Delaney, 8 years ago

    Cool concept, but they require signing an NDA + IP for every contract. No thanks.

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    • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, 8 years ago

      Hey Brian.

      Where did you read that?

      We actually don't require signing an NDA or IP contract for projects. In fact, we don't allow NDA's on the platform unless the professional agrees to it.

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      • Brian DelaneyBrian Delaney, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

        I emailed support and was told that specifically:

        "We do enforce NDAs for every project, and is one of the terms all professionals must agree to when being invited to Crew."

        I would love to sign up and use the service if that's not the case. Just sent you a DM on twitter about it.

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        • Luke ChesserLuke Chesser, 8 years ago

          You're right that one of our support people did say that to you — just talked with them. Unfortunately, they gave you the wrong information. Sorry about that — we'll fix that.

          We do have terms (like any online marketplace) that refer to rights of disclosure. However, they aren't an NDA (or at least, what we generally, in freelancing, refer to as an NDA and hate).

          Basically, the terms say that if you are working on a project on the Crew platform, you can't go around talking about the project (unless you're instructed to). It doesn't prevent you from working on similar projects and it doesn't stop you from working on future products of your own in a similar area.

          Happy to clarify anything else. Sorry for the miscommunication :)

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      • Tiago DuarteTiago Duarte, 8 years ago

        Perfect. Just updated my old and rusty application, looking forward to see how it works!

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