Ask DN: How does a design convey premium positioning?

7 years ago from Todd Sieling, Cofounder & UX Designer at Denim & Steel

  • Richard BallermannRichard Ballermann, 7 years ago

    I've thought about this a lot too, awesome to see this being discussed here.

    From what I've determined: Premium need lots of negative space. Copy should never feel overly large or chunky. Premium certainly doesn't yell. Color should be restrained, and if used it should not be obnoxiously bright. As others have said, thin type is also key. Things should look heavily ordered and aligned to a strong grid-based structure.

    Less is more is the golden rule. Don't say too much, it should feel like an exclusive club where people don't really need a lot of detail, its more about the general vibe. The content should live within an excessive amount of space with minimal content, as if to imply that a small amount of detail is so valuable that it deserves a large amount of space to exist. A small, crowded room is not luxurious; spacious and wide open is what a lot of money can afford.

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