Ask DN: How does a design convey premium positioning?

7 years ago from Todd Sieling, Cofounder & UX Designer at Denim & Steel

  • Nour MalaebNour Malaeb, 7 years ago

    Adding to what has already been said:

    • Consistency: high-end brands are consistent, consistent, consistent. Everything matches; everything uses the same colour (Hermès orange), has the same pattern (Louis Vuitton), or is sold in the same packaging (Chanel No5). This consistency communicates heritage and longevity. Luxury products aren't created overnight, but are the result of cumulative years of craft, precision, and experience.

    • Understated confidence: like Bevan said, luxury brands don't sell hard because they don't need to. Their reputation and cultural weight means that the products sell themselves. A confident, understated presentation of the product without over-explaining is are an example of this restraint.

    • Ignoring trends: basically as a result of consistency and understated confidence, luxury brands don't change their image or approach with the latest trends. This makes them sometimes seem out of touch, but also means they stand out from the crowd.

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