Amazing new landing for Pixate(

almost 7 years ago from Mathias Adam, Head of Design at Blackpills

  • Al HaighAl Haigh, almost 7 years ago

    I don't usually write long responses like this, but I love Pixate and I really feel like this landing page isn't doing this incredible software justice.

    I like the overall aesthetic, but there's a bunch not right with the purple background section.

    At a narrow screen width the imac becomes so small that the product screens/animations become illegible. The Pixate software looks so good, why shove it inside this tiny container? Why not take the the whole width and show some screens in all their glory? We know software works on computers, we don't need to see it constrained within a physical device all the time.

    The way the screens animate into the imac feels too springy.

    Although I'm sure the gradient is necessary to be able to read the text, it just feels heavy and out of place. It also obscures the product image.

    The text animates in and out so quickly, I scrolled right by it and then had to have a couple goes at getting it to the right spot so I could read the text.

    I feel like that section could easily be replaced by something static, with a simple layout and a thoughtful approach to presenting the content.

    Love Pixate. Rock on.

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