Future of Airline Websites(vimeo.com)

almost 10 years ago from vijay gakhar

  • Skyler Vander MolenSkyler Vander Molen, almost 10 years ago

    Maybe I'm the wrong target market for this, but I don't really want the airline to help me plan my whole trip. This is exactly the kind of stuff I wish airlines would stop trying to do. When I'm booking a flight, I want to book a flight as cheaply, quickly and easily as possible… nothing else.

    This also doesn't really feel like anything new to me, but rather a repackaging of what already exists… a lot of the suggested "improvements" seem trivial and in some cases quite a few airline sites already do them.

    Is it better than the majority of airline sites? I think so. But with a title like "The Future of the Airline Website", I think I was hoping for a bit more substance.

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    • Kyle FrostKyle Frost, almost 10 years ago

      Agreed. I wrote a bit about this specific case when it came out last week. You might enjoy it. "Stop fetishizing speculative design work" https://medium.com/i-m-h-o/8efc50ba0b71

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    • Jim SilvermanJim Silverman, almost 10 years ago

      agreed. seems more suitable for a cheapoair or expedia, or any online travel agency that sells the whole package (flight, hotel, excursions, etc.)

      when you're going to an airline's site, you've probably got an idea of where you're headed.

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