Are you currently on Dribbble?

8 years ago from John Jackson, Design Lead at Vincent

  • Isaac Paavola, 8 years ago

    It has become the dominant index people use to find designers. Even if you only have like 100 followers, you'll still get a lot of people finding you in the search results (usually for location) and reaching out about work.

    "but dribbble shots aren't a good way to judge a designer!"

    That's why there's a big ol' link for your site at the top of your profile. People don't base their whole hiring decision on those little squares.

    Plus, it's a blast to just put up crazy animated fun stuff that doesn't fit into a portfolio project, for instance:

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    • Sam DaleySam Daley, 8 years ago

      That's exactly it. It's like Tinder for designers. A quick snapshot to get a surface-level first impression, but the potential to lead to something much more substantial (if that's what you're into).

      Have something more to say? Link it to a case study on your site or a Medium article.

      Look at the way a heavily conceptual designer like John Maeda uses the site. He has a bunch of experiments posted without context, but sandwiched in between are deeper projects like this, with a link to a video that better shows the full scale of the idea.

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