Kickbox by Adobe - An innovation kit for organizations(

8 years ago from Todd Sieling, Cofounder & UX Designer at Denim & Steel

  • Aron RotteveelAron Rotteveel, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

    Can someone summarize what this is? I have spent 5 minutes on this website and to be quite honest, I really don't have a clue.

    Judging from the photography, it is a box containing cards and brainstorm tools, but the content seems to implicate that no physical product is involved.

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    • Alexander CollinAlexander Collin, 8 years ago

      Remember reading about this earlier this year. Think this article explains what Adobe Kickbox really is way better than the Adobe website.

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    • Giovanni LupertiGiovanni Luperti, 8 years ago

      Basically it's a kit to enable Adobe employees to translate their ideas to an MVP and bring a product to life.

      The original kit comes in a red box and includes a pre-paid card with $1000 (they can spend this as they wish), a pre-paid Starbucks card, a notebook to write down 'bad ideas' and a manual with 6 core parts to help understand how the process works. This is for people from all backgrounds.

      You can get from the site all the resources you need to 'generate innovation' - I guess you won't get the $1k though :)

      Hope this make sense.

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