What naming convention do you use?

10 years ago from Josh Green, Pixel Pusher

  • James StiffJames Stiff, 10 years ago

    I usually go for something like:

    projectnamehomeDDMMYYWIP.psd (work in progress) projectnamehomeDDMMYYAW.psd (final artwork)

    It might seem overkill putting the date in there but I find it easier than referring to creation dates in the file meta data.

    If I end up creating multiple iterations on single day, I just add 01, 02 etc to the end of the file name.

    When folders start getting messy, I just dump all the old WIP files in a sub-folder called "WIP".

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    • Petri Partio, 10 years ago

      I would recommend using YYYYMMDD. In your example things get messy when sorted by filename:

      projectnamehome010813WIP.psd projectnamehome300713WIP.psd projectnamehome310713_WIP.psd

      • VS-

      projectnamehome20130730WIP.psd projectnamehome20130731WIP.psd projectnamehome20130801_WIP.psd

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