• Joe Blau, 8 years ago

    Intence is designed to take no space and be transparent to mouse events.

    In the example, Intence blocks more of the screen than any scroll bar in Chrome, Safari of Firefox. Scroll bars in standard browsers also disappear while Intence doesn't. Can you explain what you mean by "take no space"?

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    • Dmitry Prokashev, 8 years ago (edited 8 years ago )

      Sorry, I think I was not precise enough. It takes significant space visually, for the user to be able easily evaluate it without directly looking at it. But it is transparent to mouse events, and only hovers the area without taking any additional space (moving other blocks and components around).

      Besides it's responsive (the indicator is getting smaller for small areas), so that it will never take over much space making the content inconvenient to read. Resize the page and see how the indicator is shrinked.

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