• Adrian HowardAdrian Howard, 8 years ago

    I don't like it coz:

    • When smooth scrolling the animation effect pulls the eye to the top-bottom of page, when I'm scrolling I'm trying to keep my focus on the bit of text where I was reading so I am losing my place all of the time.

    • I can read less per page because it obscures text at the top/bottom. Vertical real estate is a limited resource in many situations.

    • I've not tested it, but my guess would be that the effect is subtle enough that folk with certain kinds of visual disability will have problems with it.

    • When you scroll by page using the keyboard then the text where you would want to continue is obscured by the bars.

    • The loss of the scrolling control. Anybody who does regular usability testing on long content will tel you that participants actually do use those scroll bars to move rapidly around documents on desktops.

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