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8 years ago from Antoine Plu, Freelance Product Designer

  • Anthony MoralesAnthony Morales, 8 years ago

    It's hard not to be critical about these designs. But you know, it's a really hard problem to solve. So, kudos to the the designers for wanting to try!

    Personally, I have doubts about the touchscreen as an interface in the car. It's nice that it's so flexible, we can design any UI for it, but unless designers are willing to make targets hard-to-miss, my opinion is a touchscreen is too dangerous for a driver to use. (I'm ready for self-driving cars.) Maybe if we can get some tactile feedback. If the display had raised dots that can be created and rearranged to fit the UI, ala or something, well, that gets interesting.

    Honestly,with the amount of distraction and data that an urban driver deals with on a daily basis (blinking and/or eye-catching signs, the inflatable arm waving tubes), how much more cognitive load can modern drivers handle?

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