Ask DN: Who’s Hiring (March, 2015)?

over 8 years ago from David M, UI Developer

  • Norman TranNorman Tran, over 8 years ago

    Declara is hiring a visual designer in our Palo Alto office!

    From writing secret missile-tracking algorithms for the military at 16, to coma-surviving entrepreneur and champion cyclist, CEO Ramona Pierson realized in her recovery that learning no longer happens only in classrooms or structured courses, but occurs in the conversations we have and articles we read every day. She believes all of us have immense untapped potential, so she started Declara to give students and professionals a place to discover, organize and share this information as well as showcase their learning to others.

    Things We're Proud Of: ✦ Ramona has been featured on TED, Forbes, Business Insider, and won awards "Gold Stevie: Female Entrepreneur of the Year 2014" and "Entrepreneur Magazine: Top Women to Watch in 2015" ✦ $30 MM in funding from the likes of Peter Thiel, Founders Fund ✦ Veteran-led (seasoned executives from Apple, Microsoft, HP, Zynga, etc) ✦ Rich diversity (3 female executives, LGBT leaders throughout the company) ✦ International offices (Palo Alto, Singapore, Mexico, Boise) ✦ Dog & Unicorn friendly

    If you're a visual designer with some mobile and/or enterprise experience, I'd love to talk to you. Message me for more details.

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