Nest for iPhone Redesign(

over 8 years ago from Evan Dinsmore, Designer at Shopify

  • Evan DinsmoreEvan Dinsmore, over 8 years ago

    Just like the existing Nest app, you'd land on the thermostat screen, since that's what you're probably going to be using. If there are multiple thermostats or locations, ideally the app would be smart enough to know which one you adjust more often, or which you adjusted last, to drop you there. I touched on the locations screen briefly, I didn't have time to mock up an additional screen, and for most people with a single home, they're likely not to use the functionality of adding multiple locations.

    Either way, I imagined the location screen would be similar to that of Apple's weather app, with location names, maybe using the background weather image, and a thumbnail (or a couple of thumbnails, maybe scrollable? Not sure, never mocked it up!) showing the thermostat temperature(s). The nice thing about these challenges is that I'm not restricted to thinking about the entire app, I can choose a few screens to focus my efforts and play with new concepts. This is an example where the full structure of the app isn't 100% fleshed out.

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