• Jonathan YapJonathan Yap, almost 8 years ago

    Its always better to split them up into smaller chunks, just like how you would do with any features. Running a huge e-commerce website, it's tempting to put all the UI in one sketch file, seeing they made it so easy to manage. It's not the best method however, because it's harder to maintain in the long run.

    Largely, this will come down to your own workflow and requirement. Are you doing design only or will you be responsible for building the front end as well?

    I found the best method to manage this is start with a master template - style guide. Then duplicate them into smaller projects when you need them, e.g. check out flow, search, accounts. That way, its easier to manage and do multiple iteration of the same project.

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    • Brennan Smith, almost 8 years ago

      Hello Jonathan, Thanks for your input and after reading through all the comments here, I will be dividing the project into sections with a master template like you mentioned. I am doing all of the design as well as working with a team on the frontend and I will be discussing the workflow with them in scrum this morning.

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