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almost 9 years ago from Paul Macgregor, Runs, Freelance Designer, Etc.

  • Kevin PruettKevin Pruett, almost 9 years ago

    I disagree with the criticisms regarding scroll-jacking and smooth-talking cats. I'm pretty sure these guys know what quality UX is and are simply having fun. Agency sites are afforded this privilege.

    Potential clients visit agency sites often with the expectation of eye-candy (and hearing some McConaughey, of course). These visitors can dig deeper into their actual work by looking at case studies and live projects if they are considering to work with them.

    I think they killed it! Kudos hellomonday...Alright alright!

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    • Phil Pickering, almost 9 years ago

      +1 Kevin :)

      There's always room on the web to push the boat out and showcase everything and anything that can be done.

      In fact, going back to the very first issue of A List Apart in 1999, Lance Arthur argues that this SHOULD be done (

      How else is the web going to progress if we never say "Oh, WTF" and just do it.

      But of course it's all down to context, and personal side-projects & agency websites would seem to be the ideal playgrounds for this sort of work.

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