Why I changed my stance on Dribbble(makerscabin.com)

over 8 years ago from Paul Scrivens, Chief Head MakersCabin.com

  • Jason BlockJason Block, over 8 years ago

    Dribbble the site is great! Dribbble the community is a bit problematic.

    It's tough because it really hits the sweet spot of being engaging and fun to browse; if it was truly an uber design-salon where everyone is tearing up mockups with hyper-critical feedback, no one would share, remix, or recreate the work they see. Would I love it if everyone was 100% honest and critical 100% of the time? Probably. Will that happen? Oh hell no. And that's totally fine.

    So while I understand the criticism (and have somewhat perpetuated it myself), I also know that you have to separate the platform from the creators. There are many times where showing a peek of your creative work and getting an impulse of feedback is highly rewarding and really useful, and there are times where you need to put up giant flow diagrams and walk through/rationalize a redesign with product owners and stakeholders.

    Just because Dribbble doesn't afford the second as well as the first doesn't mean it's inherently valueless.

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