• Riki TanoneRiki Tanone, over 7 years ago

    Check out assembly.com. Another way to do it is to look for developers who release free products similar to what you're looking for. So since you're looking for an Android developer, look for someone who's released things related to Android apps. I found a Bootstrap developer using that method, and I'm super happy with the partnership.

    Basically, to find someone willing to work for free, you'll need to find someone who's already done work for free. It takes a lot of luck, but you also have to bring something to the table. You can't just have an idea. You better have the ability/skillsets backing you up, and you'll need some proof of it. For me, I had a portfolio on dribbble, and I had a track record for the kinds of things I was looking for help with, so I think that helped.

    Good luck!

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