• Christian Krammer, 7 years ago (edited 7 years ago )

    Some feedback:

    • You should highlight comments of the user who posted the screenshot so that it's obvious she's talking about her own design.
    • On a touch device it's almost impossible to read comments. Whenever you tap on a existing comment, a new comment is added instead. Also you have no "esc" key to cancel the commenting.
    • You definitely should give the option to edit your comment after you have posted it. Essential for any commentary system.
    • You should better highlight the existing comments. At a "heavy" screenshot (like here: http://ocean.ink/p/show/5467a028e5d2ff020064eb3c) it's very hard to see them.
    • You should better foolproof the commenting. Because right now I posted a comment, lost the internet connection meanwhile and my comment was gone. If you encounter a network problem (or Ajax returns an error) you should at least show the text (even if it wasn't posted) so that it isn't gone. Also you should give a status of the posting - like "Your comment is getting posted right now" and then "Your comment was posted".

    Apart from that I LOVE your platform and hope that it will be a HUGE success, gain traction and a lot of commenters. This could be something very big!

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