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9 years ago from Christian Krammer, Product owner for Gravit Designer

  • Chris MillerChris Miller, 9 years ago (edited 9 years ago )

    Sketch changed my life, specifically when I started using the companion app that allowed me to watch my designs update live on an iPhone. I literally did not believe in magic until I experienced that. That shit is totally voodoo.

    My biggest issue at the moment is that I'm used to all the Adobe design programs, and their controls tended to be a lot more precise... It would help if you guys could mimic their controls as much as possible.

    Also, masking images was tough to figure out. That whole process isn't intuitive at all.

    Finally, when using the companion app, I found that a lot of glitchiness occurred and I frequently had to restart the desktop app and lost a lot of work in the process.

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