• Cesar TorresCesar Torres, 9 years ago

    This elusive "talking" concept everyone is describing here should be happening all the time, not just in the implementation phase.

    There's a few steps you always go through in your design process; keep stakeholders in the loop during these. Not for "feedback" ("did you try putting this here?" — that's a whole different conversation, ha), but for buy-in — be that business-wise or tech-wise.

    We always build-in time for roadshowing a design recommendation, end to end, whether it's for the other designers on the team, the operations, marketing or exec teams — and definitely the oft-overlooked community and support teams.

    A product studio should be super collaborative, especially as a handoff and shipping stages near. You're creating design systems not just for the hell of it or because it's trendy — you're doing it because it's the helpful analytical part of designing print, web or mobile. Let the engineering team in on that. The team's workflow will be the better for it.

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