Jony Ives: Copy Apple's Style And You Are Stealing(

9 years ago from Rob Gormley, Senior SRE at Bitnami

  • Sean LesterSean Lester, 9 years ago

    Sure but, as someone whose work has been ripped on several occasions: there's no use in spending time being upset about it. You'll always be copied/ripped. They can take your "thing" but they can't take the thing in YOU that produced that thing, and can produce the next thing and the next thing. And at the end of the day Apple is still Apple for this reason. Most people probably haven't heard of their knockoffs.

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    • Rob GormleyRob Gormley, 9 years ago

      Pretty much. And where is the line drawn in "copying a style" versus "inspiration"? I seem to recall Apple paying, after the fact, a substantial sum to the Swiss railways over a certain Clock in their iOS ...

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