Relate 1.0 is out! AMA

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Hey DN! I'm Eden, CEO of Relate.

Wait, what is Relate? Simply put, it's an open platform to create on the web.

Relate expands the medium's possibilities and redefines what is simple and what is flexible - ״Build a website״ with the confidence that it'll quickly answer the needs when a business grows. How?

Simple, intuitive environment to create for the web. Speaks only the language the browser understands and functions as a "design-as-code" layer on top of it. There is no React, and it's not a Wix or Webflow site, not a Figma/Sketch file, just plain HTML, CSS, and JS, at W3C's standards. It's the WEB. And you can touch it as if you're editing a document. Import anything from anywhere - Import design, code, copy an entire site or pieces of it, make more pages out of an existing site—whatever, from wherever. Publish it anywhere, export it to code. It's YOUR code. No vendor lock-in. COMPLETE OPENNESS. Not walled gardens.

Why are we doing it? All of the platforms are too complex, too closed, or too detached from the actual medium. There is a tension between simplicity & flexibility - They never exist together anywhere on the market. Therefore limits the possibilities of the web as a medium and hurts online businesses from scaling.

YES. It's another design tool, but it is built specifically for the web and produces the most useful HTML/CSS you'll get. YES. It's another website builder, but you can also build complex design systems powered by plain CSS and have them continuously delivered to your dev team as the "one source of truth - Developers connect functional CSS the same way Tailwind/Bootstrap is being used. * Components, multiplayer, history, and some other stuff - We're on it.

Signup for free here - https://relate.app

"The first web browser was also an editor. The idea being that not only could everyone read content on the web, but they could also help create it. It was to be a collaborative space for everyone."Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web.

Hit me with questions.

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  • Benjamin ArnedoBenjamin Arnedo, 9 hours ago

    Hi! I have tested it but have not used it on a frequent basis. It does have a promising look to it. There seems to be something about the UX that I dislike, although I cannot quite pinpoint what it is. I'll attempt to recreate something more complicated and send you some feedback.

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